is the second in a series of books exploring the "way of the human being" —since the beginning of humanity.

THE GREAT FORGETTING was the first book in the series.

Eve's Breast is Calvin Luther Martin’s answer to Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667) and, frankly, the Bible. Martin believes Milton and God got the Eve story wrong.

is the author of:
   Keepers of the Game (California)
   In the Spirit of the Earth (Johns Hopkins)
   The Way of the Human Being (Yale)
   The Great Forgetting(K-Selected Books)
   and editor of The American Indian and the Problem of History (Oxford)

He has won the American Historical Association's coveted Beveridge Award for the "best book of the year in American history" (1979), and been a Guggenheim Fellow and National Endowment for the Humanities Senior Fellow.

Shortly before retiring from Rutgers University as a professor of history, he lived for a summer on the Navajo reservation and, later, for two years with Yup'ik Eskimos in Alaska. He presently lives on the northern boundary of the Adirondack Park ("Six Million Acres of Forever Wild") in New York State.

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